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Unbearable Error - Poetry is Dead a gathering of different poetry styles set to Punk music

Since 2019 a group of Tranås (Sweden) musicians and poets from here and there have been playing around with the production of a vinal album which was released 2022.

This is a gathering of different poetry styles set to the sound of music with its roots in punk. I have three poem on the album: Narrative 2, Cellar in Kadiköy, Vrol

Band members: Mikael Karlsson-Wigstrand, Frank Bergsten, Jimmy Karlsson, Elizabeth Torres, Colm Kiernan, Milica Denkovic, Jonas Ellerstrom, Joakin Becker, Dominic Williams, Magnus Grehn. Cover design by Martin Holm.

You can listen to the album or download it from here: Band Camp

You can also buy the album from me.


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