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Cellar in Kadiköy - Hands up and wave music for a cellar of youth a room filled with Kurdish...

Hands up and wave Music for a cellar of youth A room filled with Kurdish music

A cellar in Istanbul Smoke filled with tobacos and hormones, Performances more than on stage. Group videos to die for Another cig singing along Posts to read Hands in the air

Videos to make music Stuff to text Clicks to read Time with poetry Relaxed in the excitement of the constant speed.

Sceets all ’round lovers kissing Listening to good music Chargers fuel enthusiasm excitement lust ‘n desire Cables making meaning That mirrors purpose and beautiful feeling Girls with tights or hijabs n’boots or low cut tops Boys ‘n levis shits slicked cute cut hair tight jeans This one has us all gleeing Beer bottles waving

shouts claps whistles heavy cords singing with smiles tears voice and body Its all got meaning!

A fella sits by the door twiddling a poem

A cat saunters towards the stage

As we’re leaving…

The poem performed on the album Unbearable Error.


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