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Ardent - here I am after walking aroundto so many of the wrong wards,told to file and sit, but my...

here I am after walking around

to so many of the wrong wards,

told to file and sit, but my

how I thought that thought I’d get

but I studied all the same.

by went the people all in a flurry,

who gives a damn, no one’s a rush,

or in any hurry,

the wee holy one sits and pomps a by

while Shamus, rushes, rushes, rushes,

pushed and shured, jostled and gibed

why I now ask and called please sit;

a small minor thing no need for any worry?

why its an operation, injection and surgery.

well let's see tomorrow twood that for thee?

o no my friend it could not be

why lets let it be

maybe today, during dinner

home by night and time to study.

come now and sit, please wait for me

I’ll be back soon, why maybe noon.

well is now near noon and I sit.

the celebrations are on and so is surgery,

why I better stop

cos they do; they stop for me.

This poem was published in Golden Hour - Hora Dorada

you can buy it by send a message with your address to it costs 12€ + postage

and on Amazon: Sweden - Spain - Germany - UK


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