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Application To Grant Body - depraved boxifications of peoples concepts and non real relations...

depraved boxifications of peoples concepts

and non real relations retaliations cursed vilified amplify

applications apps amped energies

tingling the hairs on my skins hammering my foots like Frank the punk drummer

one hour twenty-five in sprattels rushes spasmics

bursts splatters engulfs on keys that can't be seen more anxieties

apply yourself to logical requests

that takes AIs intelligences not developed the feels of stupids flows through veins constrained

restricted to stress muscles unable of executes

what the brains can't comprehend

categorisations in the singulars of the plurals implementations of targets groups benefactors stakeholders and indicators outside professionals competences aside what the fucks shouts of short screams boughts hoppings up of indignities frustrating laughs by the editor memorandums signed for ever grant body F. U.

if you pleases

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