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Mellan Någonstans och Ingenstans - Between Somewhere and Nowhere

The poem "Sitting at a kitchen table" is Colms contribution to this anthology. You can read a bit about the anthology here below and there is also a link to where you can buy it if you wish.

Somewhere and Nowhere are the names of two barbecue and party places along the Svartån river in Tranås, which were often used in the past when young people wanted to be in peace, far away from the scrutinising eyes of adults. Between Somewhere and Nowhere is the name of the anthology, which offers poetry, in both Swedish and English, in various forms, ranging from long poems to shorter poems and haiku. 29 poets from all over the world who have lived in Tranås share their impressions of the city and its people, as they look into their everyday lives, their world, through the eyes of outsiders. A place not only in nowhere but also in somewhere. Neither better nor worse than other cities.

You can buy the book here...


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