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Love it

Roses are red violets are blue oh, all I want to do is fuck you!

Who the hell says that?

Roses are red and violets are blue …

I mean, sure

but what does that say anyway.

What are ye trying to say with a love poem?

What are you trying to say with a sonnet?

I, for sure, don’t understand the old stuff

Way too much flora and fauna you see

I think all that is ‘cos a lot of us just don’t know what to say

A lot of that stuff is just to put feeling into the space where we can’t see

It seems to be about capturing moments

Where no words can be

When I want to tell someone I love them, I am smart

I keep my mouth shut!

What the hell would I say

‘Mamma’ you got curves m mm m

But I mean that respectfully!

Because you know your creative talk it sure gets me all horny ‘n’ stuff

Eh, like horny, but not in a bad way I mean,

I mean you’re so intelligent I can’t walk straight

But like your intelligence stands on its own better than I do.

You see? I keep my mouth shut.


By the way what would you say?

Ah fuck it, don’t care.

Crap! I meant that to you not her.

Not yer one that I love, or have feelings for, or want to share with, be with, be for,

Not yer one that I love, with her crazy shit, quiet attacks, impossible demands, private weird ways

oops, who the hell says that?


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