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Golden Hour book release September 2023 - Colms poems translated from English to Spanish

In 2019 I said yes to Al Faro Editiones being the first to publish a selection of my poems, it wasn’t meant to take so long to get to the point of publication, but life had its own plans for us on our life’s journeys. I want to thank Dominic Williams and Inês Lampreia for their many years of nurturing my poetry with a soft editors eye, and Frank Bergsten Britta Thurfjell and Magnus Grehn for their enthusiasm sarcasm and support, but where would my poetry be without a certain three people who often managed to slip between the sheets of these pages muses to my life and inspiration to my fantasy, and finally Alesia Ribalta for her translation and publication of this work.

If you would like a copy of the book

you can just send a message with your address to it costs 12€ + postage

and on Amazon: Sweden - Spain - Germany - UK

there are more links bellow

Colm has put up all the poems as individual posts from the book in both the original language English and the translations by Aleisa Ribalta in Spanish

in English and here in Spanish

Here beside you can listen to the poems from Golden Hour - Hora Doarada being read by Colm in English, you can also download each individual poem if you want :

Some articles about the book.

Click the text for the full article

- Dominic Williams

- Inês Lampreia

- Aleisa Ribalta

- Erica Elfström

- Colm Kiernan

More links where you can buy the book:

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