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Golden Hour - Hora Dorada

Here you can listen or download the audio for the whole book

If you would like a copy of the book

you can just send a message with your address to it costs 12€ + postage

Or get it here at Litteraturcentrum Kvu

and on Amazon: Sweden - Spain - Germany - UK

Some articles about the book.

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I will never think the same way about cows again. Colm Kiernan's poetry combines rawness with the beauty of being alive with wit, presence and curious detail. His poetry is a stream of consciousness rollercoaster between the highs of love, joy and absolute darkness.

- Erica Elfström

Kiernan talks of his poetry as navigating a route to the bare self. His opening poem focuses very directly upon a physical nudity that is merely an illusion of true nakedness. Even in this most personal of spaces there is a lack of intimacy a lack of intimacy that is the source of anguish for the female voice in this poem. There is a constant theme throughout the collection of the poet’s questioning of a personal and societal reality and the poet’s role within the context of the values of a wider community or society.


- Dominic Williams



Colm Kiernan's poetry indicates a simultaneously raw and humanistic gaze, simultaneously romantic and nihilistic, sensual and disillusioned, which cannot be characterized or packaged into a single literary trend. It is rather a quest that reveals itself between hyper-realism and self-reflection, allowing the reader to embark on a journey that becomes their own.


- Inês Lampreia



With these powerful and naked verses that appear behind the veils of an ordinary morning, the poet defines himself and thus, not only chooses a path, but also makes it clear to us how he has chosen to walk. The route is definite but the destination not so. As we read, we ask ourselves, perplexed, where is the journey to?


- Aleisa Ribalta


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